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Tarot Tuesdays Series: Introduction

Hi, guys! I wanted to introduce Treasures of Fortune’s new weekly blog series Tarot Tuesdays. As a lover of tarot and oracle cards, I wanted to share a bit of my tarot journey with you all (and show off some of my products).

Here’s how it works: Each month I will choose a deck to do readings from. Every Sunday, I will pull a card or do a spread for the upcoming week and share it to our social media accounts. On Tuesday evenings, I will post the Tarot Tuesdays Blog providing a description of the card(s) pulled, a personal reflection on how that card has appeared thus far in the week, and offer advice for the remainder of the week.

My goal for this series is to allow my own journey and the lessons I may learn along the way to benefit my readers as well. Please feel free to make your own interpretations for cards pulled and how they may present in your life (as any practitioner of tarot should). This is really an exercise in reflection and taking guided action based on those reflections.

I want to take a moment to say that I am not sponsored by the creators of any of these decks. I bought them based on my own personal preference and use them to do my own personal readings. While I do provide the information for where I purchased the decks that I use for these posts, I am not telling you to go out and buy them.

The deck that I will be using for the month of January is The Sacred Self-Care Oracle by Jill Pyle. This 55 card oracle deck is beautifully illustrated by Tatiana Vedenkina, and each card features a form of self care. The deck comes with a guide book, but I’ll talk more about that later. I got my deck from Amazon, but I’m sure this deck is available elsewhere.

Out of all of the tarot and oracle decks that I have, I chose this deck as the first deck of the Tarot Tuesdays Series for a few reasons. Firstly, though I love to use traditional tarot decks as much as I love oracle decks, I appreciate that oracle decks present a full message on the card itself without needing any knowledge of tarot; I thought readers new to tarot would appreciate this. Secondly, the guide book that accompanies this deck not only includes a description of the card’s subject, but a journal prompt that allows you the opportunity to reflect on each particular self care act as well, a feature that is especially appealing to a new blogger. Lastly, 2020 kicked all of our asses, and I am sure I am not the only one in need of some selfcare. This deck really provided the perfect opportunity to begin this series - and the year - by building a strong foundation of self love.

So, welcome to Tarot Tuesdays! Make sure you check our social media accounts on Sundays for the card pull, and check back on Tuesday evenings for the accompanying blog post. I’m really looking forward to sharing this with you, and I hope you’re able to get some valuable insight of your own.


Week of January 3, 2021 Card Pull

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