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Tarot Tuesdays: Week of April 11

Ok guys, so my deck did not have to call me out like this… well maybe it did because clearly I have not been listening.

Before I get into the card, let’s talk a bit about the minor arcana cards. Like the major arcana, these cards each represent a step within the larger journey of life, but unlike the major arcana, each suit of the minor arcana is usually associated with a particular aspect of your life. This week we are focussing on the suit of wands; The suit of wands in the traditional tarot is associated with creativity, passion and will power.

The image that appears on the 10 of wands is that of a young woman traveling a path at night. In the background you can see a bit of where she came from with the trail being lit by sporadic torches. Notice that she is not traveling up the mountain, rather down, indicating that she is toward the end of her journey, close to her destination. In her hand she carries her suitcase of wands, overstuffed and bursting at the seams. Next to her is an ox, piled high with cargo. It is no mistake that her traveling companion is a beast of burden since burden is actually one of the key concepts associated with this card.

This is representative of the point in the journey where you have traveled the windy road toward success and you really feel the burden of the responsibility you have placed on yourself. Even the best laid plans can bring added stress. This card asked you to take inventory of those obligations and responsibilities weighing you down and prioritize. What can you accomplish by yourself, and what can you share with others to lighten your own load?

Now when I say this card called me out here’s what I mean. I have definitely been living in a state of stress lately. It’s just in my nature to keep myself busy, however, in doing so sometimes I take on way more than I can handle. I’ve written before about how I absolutely hate feeling obligated to do something, and right now this sense of obligation is extremely high. As I continue to make steps to build my business, plan my wedding and focus on my personal growth, I also continue to take on additional responsibilities at school.

Even though all the other things are more important to me on a personal level, it's the added obligations from school that seem to take priority and send me in a tailspin every time. That’s not to say that my day job isn’t important to me because I absolutely love what I do, but if my internal struggle for the last week has shown me anything it's that I am not superwoman and even though I don’t like to ask for help, it's not up to me to do everything alone. If someone else drops the ball, I don’t have to pick it up and take it on myself… the balls are not mine to carry alone.

Where in your life are you feeling the burdens of your own success? How can you help lighten your load?

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