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Tarot Tuesdays: Week of April 4

When I first pulled this card, I legit laughed aloud, mainly because I have been listening to Justin Bieber’s new album “Justice” on repeat for the last two weeks. I am a huge Belieber (always have been always will be), and I can’t help but feel even more connected to his music as his own spiritual journey mirrors my own. But enough about the Biebs, you’re here for Justice!

Justice is very often associated with the concept of law; when you break the law, you must face an appropriate consequence. This association is most likely due to the themes that come to mind when we hear the word justice: truth, clarity, cause and effect. We imagine the scales of justices tipping one way, or the other, or maybe even being perfectly balanced. While the themes and imagery provoked all relate to the tarot meaning of justice, law in the sense of rules and punishment not so much.

In a traditional tarot deck, Justice is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards. Justice is card number eleven coming directly after card ten The Wheel (associated with cycles and change) and directly before card twelve The Hanged Man (associated with sacrifice and release). In relation to these other cards, especially when we think of the major arcana as the stepping-stones within a journey, the placement of Justice makes sense. Many times when we find ourselves experiencing great change, we reflect on how we have arrived at the point and how this experience will affect our life beyond this point. We look at the potential result of this change, gain some sort of clarity and inevitable release feelings, people, thoughts or things that no longer serve us in the way they did before this change. Karmatically speaking, Justice is the idea that the result is a direct reflection of the actions taken. Accountability for the actions that you take and the result of those actions is really what I want to focus on this week.

At the start of April, several members of my coven and I decided to do a 30-day spiritual transformation. Each of us made a list of things that we want to accomplish by the end of month, shared our lists with each other, and we check in every day providing encouragement and support. Some of the items on my list centered on taking better care of my body including physical activity every day, eating and drinking water more regularly, and taking better care of my skin. I remember making a comment on April 1 that I was so excited because when we do things as a group because they hold me accountable. For me at least, the sense of accountability really kicks in when I feel like I am going to disappoint someone. It’s extra funny considering the only person who would really be disappointed by me not committing to the actions would be myself (like my friends are really going to care that I didn’t follow my skin care routine last night *eye roll*). It is a slightly silly example, but having a breakout is a perfect example of justice, the direct result of an action that I did or did not take. Wash your face, no break out; don’t wash your face… well you get what you get.

What are some areas of your own life where you want to start taking actions toward a desired outcome? How can you start to hold yourself accountable for the actions you take?

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