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Tarot Tuesdays: Week of February 21

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

This is the last card that I will be pulling from the Let that Shit Go Oracle Deck for the month of February. I must say this deck did not disappoint. I promised that we would focus on self-love this month and this card brings that full circle. One of my mom’s favorite lines was “Follow your first mind,” and I often hear her saying this in my head when I did not, in fact, listen to my intuition.

That little voice in your head, that feeling you get in your stomach, that dream you can’t shake; all of these are your intuition. We tend to be more likely to follow our intuition when we can find some logical reason in doing so or when the perceived effects seem minimal. The funny thing is that it’s usually when we ignore those little intuitive nudges that we end up in going in the opposite direction from what we want to happen.

For example, every day I drive to work the same way. Are there other ways to go to work? Of course, but I always drive the same way (I am a creature of habit after all). Every once and a while I will have this feeling that I should go a different route, and usually I ignore it. 9 times out of 10, when I ignore that feeling I end up being stuck behind a slow driver, or getting caught up in unexpected construction, and the entire time I am fuming and kicking myself for not listening to that intuitive nudge to go a different way. This is a basic example, but it lays out the premise nonetheless.

Somewhere along the lines, we stop trusting ourselves. Sometimes it’s because we are listening to the opinions of others. Sometimes it’s because we have followed our intuition and it took us somewhere we didn’t expect to be. Sometimes it’s because of past mistakes or avoiding things that make us uncomfortable. We tend to focus on the negative experiences rather than the positive even though they all add up to the same thing; you and your perception of the world.

We all have a vision for what we want out of life and how we think we are supposed to get there. Yet it’s the seemingly insignificant moments and decisions that our intuition is pointing us toward that actually help make that vision reality. Trusting your intuition is all about having faith in yourself. Trusting that the directions that you are being pulled to go are going to take you where you want to be. Its trusting that even if this isn’t a road you thought you would travel, there is something to be learned that is going to bring you closer to that vision. You’ve got your back, now trust yourself!

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