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Tarot Tuesdays: Week of February 28

There is a lot to unpack for this card, but first I want to start with the imagery. The message on this card is accompanied by the image of the moon in three phases: the new phase, the first quarter phase, and the full phase. The first thing of importance to note is that this particular transition is known as the waxing period, where the moon seems to grow in size - fitting since this card is about growth.

The new moon is exactly what it sounds like; the beginning of a new cycle. This is usually where you will plant your intentions for and/or establish a goal you want to achieve this upcoming cycle. The first quarter moon typically represents the challenges to overcome, making decisions, and continuing to take actions toward your goal. This is where obstacles for achieving your goal or intentions will generally begin to pop up, and decisions must be made on how to overcome these obstacles. The full moon usually represents the culmination of your hard work. It is a time to rejoice in your growth over the last cycle and show gratitude for your achievements.

The overall message of the card is really about perseverance. “I find a deeper meaning” appears under the image of the New Moon, asking us to really take a look at where you are. Is this where you want to be? If this is the beginning of a cycle, where would you like to be at the end of it? It takes baby steps to get to where we want to be, but when you are intentional about those baby steps, they begin to add up.

The statement “and personal growth” appears under the image of the first quarter moon, asking us to not be overcome by the challenges that we face during the process, but to instead grow from them. For me, many times these obstacles are self imposed. I always have to pay attention to self limiting beliefs that may be preventing me from taking the actions that I want. This phase is not only about acknowledging that there is an obstacle, but facing it head on and ultimately growing from it.

The statement “amid the discomfort” appears under the image of the full moon reminding us of how beautiful our successes are because while it may have been uncomfortable at times we succeeded anyway. This really does bring the message full circle - pun fully intended. You have accomplished your goals and intentions, which is something to be proud of by itself, but you did it by challenging yourself and gaining knowledge and experience. That makes victory so much sweeter.

It doesn’t even matter what the goal of intention is. It can be something as small as drinking more water or learning more about something you are interested in. This card is a reminder we learn something through every experience, even the ones that challenge us and make us uncomfortable. Those experiences shouldn’t make you afraid to try, because they make all of your accomplishments so that much more amazing.

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