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Tarot Tuesdays: Week of January 10

This week’s card is Hydrate! Water really is the life force of our planet. Some quick facts: Seventy one percent of the Earth is water and up to sixty percent of the human body is water. Look at those numbers again. More than half of our planet and bodies are made up of water!

Now, raise your hand if you have ever felt personally attacked by your oracle deck… It is unfortunately a well known fact amongst my friends and family that I don't drink enough water. Seriously, it's to the point where my friends will remind me to drink water whenever we’re together; my fiance even got me a water bottle that tracks your water intake and lights up when you should drink. I try guys, I really do, but despite (what I call) my best efforts I just can’t seem to drink enough water on a consistent basis.

Honestly, I just forget and I’m sure I’m not the only one. We are all so caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life that there are things that we all forget to slow down and pay attention to; drinking water is one of mine. Even before this card pull, remembering to stay hydrated is one of the top priorities on my resolution list this year… every year, actually, but forreal this time! Thus far I’ve had a pretty good amount of success; we’re only 12 days in, but it’s not hard to fall off the wagon, so to speak. I’ve partially maintained thus far by tying in some of my other resolutions, organization to be specific. How, you say? I’m glad you asked.

Well, every year I buy these awesome planners, full of calendar space, writing prompts, and stickers. I’ve got post its, pens, markers, and highlighters out the wazoo - school supplies are a weakness #teacherlife. Despite all of this, I never use my planners to their full potential. I track random things randomly at random intervals throughout the year. It's all very irregular, and if that sentence made your brain hurt, I understand, that’s exactly how that system was working for my life. Thus far this year, I’ve been more proactive and intentional about how I use my planner, including keeping track of my daily intake of drinks. As simple as this sounds, it's been pretty effective. Not only does it keep me accountable (something I could use a bit more of in all aspects of my life), but it also allows me to see patterns that may develop between my energy level, overall health, and my hydration level.

So, that’s my plan right now and so far it's working pretty well. How do you keep yourself hydrated? Are there any tricks or products you use?

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