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Tarot Tuesdays: Week of January 17

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

To say that I have been embodying this card steadily for the past six months would be an understatement. Between teaching, planning a wedding, and starting a business, making plans is a constant state of being. Even still I have to make sure that I’m taking time for myself, my loved ones, and my hobbies. I’m learning that balance can be hard to achieve, and that creating a steady routine is important for helping to achieve all of my goals.

I am a gemini. I know there are people who don’t put much stake in astrology, and that’s cool; you do you, but I am an astrology lover. As above, so below. Those with the sun sign of gemini, the twins, are known for their duality and adaptability. My entire life I have been functioning under the impression that I just do not like routines. To some extent that statement is very true; the thought of waking up and doing the exact same thing every day sounds like my definition of hell. At the same time, lack of routine can leave me feeling off balance and unfulfilled because I know there are better ways I want to spend my time. See what I mean about duality. I am learning that I can set routines that still allow flexibility in the way I spend my time. At the same time, it’s extremely important to be intentional in the way that I plan my routines so that they match up with what I want to achieve.

As I mentioned in last week’s post, being more organized is one of my major goals for this year and I have been using my planner a lot more. Something that I have worked into my routine is writing in my planner everyday at least once a day. I write down everything: school events, social events, fitness classes, phone calls, days off, traveling, business info, birthdays & special occasions, sometimes I even write down my outfits. I write down everything! I am definitely not without fault; I skip days all the time, but what I am making sure to do this year is to continue my routines even when I forget a few days.

Writing down everything is certainly helping me keep track of everything that I am trying to juggle, which is a lot. On top of staying up to date in my planner, I’ve got calendars all over the place. I have a calendar on my desk at school, a calendar on the wall above my desk at home, a calendar on the wall of my workshop. I’ve got dates and deadlines circled, notes with websites and ideas stuck all over the place. Don’t even get me started on the pinterest boards, wish lists, and google docs. There are always a million different ideas working themselves out in my head at any given moment. While this may seem very overwhelming, I love it! Every idea has so much potential to be great, and it is the abundance of planning that helps turn these ideas from potential for greatness to actualized greatness.

Treasures of Fortune is my newest and most exciting adventure. I have put an abundance of planning into the products and promotions we are going to offer throughout the year. Those calendars that I was talking about are full of product launches, upcoming blog posts, schedules of when to make products and order materials. I am the woman with the plan!

With that being said, a friend reminded me of something that I want to pass on. You can be the queen of planning, and that’s great, but at some point you have to step away from planning and actually take action. Sometimes, we put all of our efforts into planning because we are afraid of what will happen when we implement the plan. In fact, I was given this piece of advice, it was right before starting this blog; something that I was very excited about launching, even though the thought of sharing my writing with the masses on the internet gives me heart palpitations. Yeah, planning is fun and exciting, but seeing your plan turn into a reality is a confidence boost like no other.

In what areas of your life do you practice an abundance of planning? Does planning sometimes get in the way of execution?

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