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Tarot Tuesdays: Week of January 24

We did it guys! This will be the last card pull for January, and I must say, I have really enjoyed doing this blog series thus far. I want to share with you the funny thing that happened when doing this week’s card pull, but first I will have to go back to the first pull on January 3.

I was shuffling the deck with the intention of pulling a card that would offer the best insight for myself and you guys. The first card that I pulled was honestly something that I didn’t feel all too comfortable writing about in my first blog, but I took it as something that I personally needed to work on for the week (I did ask for insight for myself after all). So I pulled the next card... it was absolutely perfect, so that card was the card that I used for the blog. That is the formula that I have been using for each card pull since.

As I mentioned I would use the first card as personal insight; however, last week I never followed up on the insight offered by the first card that I pulled. Now, let’s fast forward to this week, I placed last week’s cards back in the pile and shuffled the deck. Sure as sh*t, the first card that I pulled was the exact same card that I pulled last week, but the second card was a different card that matched up perfectly with what I had planned for the upcoming week! Synchronicity? More like the universe saying, “That first card wasn’t a suggestion, but you're still on the right track.” Message received!

So this week’s card is Connect with crystals. Hell yeah! It is no secret that I LOVE crystals. Clearly! I’ve made a business out of using crystals in resin. I think this is definitely an inherited trait, though. My mom (and grandmother) LOVED jewelry; We would often joke about how I was going to inherit her crown jewels; and I must say the collection is pretty impressive. I try to wear at least one piece of my mom’s jewelry everyday. Most days it’s the Alexandrite ring she gave me for Christmas or the Emerald ring we got on one of her birthday vacations.

My renewed love of crystals really started to take off early last year. I bought several types of crystal spheres and points, started revisiting books about crystal classifications and formations that I had acquired over the years, and bought new books that talked all about the metaphysical properties of different crystals. I started to be intentional about the crystals that I wore and carried with me, and learned how to take care of my ever growing collection. I quickly developed favorites, a list that grows bigger everyday, and even began to meditate with my crystals to gain more insight into their energy. One crystal in particular that I learned about last year, and quickly became obsessed with, is Selenite.

All of the Treasures of Fortune products that feature crystals are crafted using selenite infused resin. You may be saying, “Jazmyn, why do you put selenite in everything with crystals?” Well, selenite is *deep breath* magical! Don’t worry, you will learn all about selenite because it is going to be the first crystal covered in our Crystal Spotlight blog series. Each month, I will highlight a specific crystal, and discuss its properties and mythology. I’m actually in the process of writing the first one now; how’s that for connecting with crystals! Make sure to check back in February for our first Crystal Spotlight!

How do you connect with crystals and gemstones? Which ones are you drawn to and why?

I hope you all have enjoyed our January card pulls with The Sacred Self Care Oracle deck, and I hope it has given you the opportunity to reflect on your own practices to improve your. Stay tuned! I will be introducing the next oracle deck for our February Tarot Tuesdays Series on Sunday with the card pull.

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