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Tarot Tuesdays: Week of March 7

I look at this quote and I immediately think of the age old adage, “Everything happens for a reason.” There is a greater purpose to everything we experience. Whether you believe in this idea or not, the prevailing truth is that we have the ability to choose how we perceive our reality.

This card visually represents this through the creation of two distinct spaces. The message is written in black on a simple white background. White is often used to represent new beginnings and possibilities. Everything that we experience is an opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves. Each experience has the possibility of changing our outlook or redirecting the trajectory of our life. At first we don’t always recognize which experiences are going to be life changing and which are just ushering us along; but when you really pay attention, you can start to notice the synchronicity of the world around you.

The other half of the card is filled with bright and swirling watercolors that almost seem to creep up and overtake the white. The majority of the watercolor is a mixture of soft and bright pinks, but there are specks of darker circles thrown into the mix too. It’s almost like these colors represent the trials and tribulations that we go through and how they can influence us if we let them. Pink is often thought to represent happiness and fun; think of the phrase “tickled pink” for instance. The pink reflects the positive experiences that we have throughout our lives. It’s not hard to find good in a positive experience. The majority of our lives are made up of these positive experiences, just like the majority of the color on this card is pink.

Life isn’t only made of positive experiences though, and this is where those darker purple areas come into play. The color purple is often associated with wisdom, and it is in the negative life experiences that we typically gain the most wisdom. I honestly don’t even want to call them negative experiences; maybe uncomfortable is the better word. Those uncomfortable experiences may be few and far between, or maybe they seem to come in waves; but they are the experiences that teach us resilience and strength. These are the experiences that really show us who we are at our core.

It’s important to see that they all work together, the positive and the uncomfortable to create the person that you are. When you take the time to look at the lessons that you have learned and the growth you have achieved, you can begin to find beauty in every experience. Finding this beauty makes it that much easier to feel gratitude, and gratitude has to come from a place of love. When we can begin to show gratitude for all of our experiences, the positive and the uncomfortable, we are stepping further our true selves and further into the energy of love.

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