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Each Happy Pills Jar Kit is handcrafted specially for you. This Spell Jar Kit is for mood boosting. Whether you are down in the dumps, a little topsy turvy or just down right sad this handy spell jar can help bring in some much needed positivity and help balance your emotions. Simply follow the instructions provided and add a bit of your own magic! Each of your Spell Jar’s Ingredients is labeled with a number that indicates its step in the process. Your spell jar kit consists of: 


Info & Instructions

Twine & Charm

An Empty 10 mL Jar

Intention Candle

Step 1 ~ Salts, Sugars & Herbs

Step 2 ~ Flowers, Fruits & Berries

Step 3 ~ Spices

Step 4 ~ Crystals


Spell Jar Kits are created upon order and empowered with the highest good through blessing and intention setting. Each item is hand packaged and charms are chosen intuitively for you.


*Specific ingredients are listed on the information card provided in your spell jar kit*


Happy Pills Spell Jar Kit

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