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Each Infinite Answers Pendulum Board is handcrafted with our signature selenite infused resin. Resin infused with cleansed & charged selenite enhances the properties of all other crystals. Not only will it help you get the answers you're looking for, but it also functions as a crystal charging plate that cleanses and charges any crystals placed on top.


This stunning crystal infused pendulum board features a celestial eye design and measures about 5.5 inches in diameter. Answers include the alphabet, numbers 0 - 9, astrological signs, months, days of the week, yes, no, possibly, and check again .


Choose two (2) to three (3) crystals to incorporate into your  Infinite Answers Pendulum Board. See Crystals Page for full list of in stock crystals and descriptions.


*Brass Pendulum included with the purchase of every pendulum board.


*Please note that most items usually ship within two weeks of order, however some projects may take up to four weeks to complete depending on intricacy of designs and processing time of resin*


Infinite Answers Pendulum Board